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Prepositions of place | ESL lesson plan

The purpose of the lesson: describe different rooms using prepositions of place.
Size of the class: 40 students.
Age: 13 years old (grade 7).
Level: Elementary.
Class length: 45 minutes.

This is the second part of the lesson “My House”. It is designed for grade 7 and it focuses on usage of the prepositions of place.

Stage 1
Review the previous lessons. Ask individual students to answer the conversation questions from previous lessons.
Play a game to help them review previous vocabulary (Pictionary). Although I don’t recommend playing a game at the beginning of the lesson, in this situation playing a game for reviewing vocabulary is a good idea.

Stage 2
Introduce the different prepositions by drawing a small sketch to explain. Ask the students to repeat and write down in their notebooks.

Prepositions of place
Prepositions of place

Show an example on power point and label the picture to show where the objects are using prepositions.

Prepositions of place
Prepositions of place

Stage 3
Provide simple sentences to illustrate how to use prepositions to describe one’s house. Ask the students to write 4 sentences to describe a room in their house.

In my living room:
There is a television ON the table
There is a lamp NEXT TO the telephone
There is a sofa NEAR the television.
There is a window BETWEEN the table and the clock.
The bookshelf is BEHIND the sofa.

My living room:
In my living room there is a clock on the wall and there is a ball under the table.  There are 2 pillows on the sofa and there is a lamp between some flowers and a book.  My cat sits next to my sofa.

Prepositions of place examples
Prepositions of place examples

Example 2:
My bedroom:
In my bedroom my clothes are in the wardrobe and there is a computer on the table. There is a table next to the window and my bag is under the table. The bookshelf is next to the window and there are 4 pictures on the wall. There is a sofa between the wardrobe and the bookshelf.

Preposition of place example
Preposition of place example

Stage 4
Listening Test- Fill in the missing words

My house is very beautiful. There are (1)______________ in my house.
(2)_______ are: one kitchen, (3)______ living room, two (4)__________ and (5)____ _______.
In my (6)_______ there is a sofa, a television, a window, a (7)________, a table and (8)_______.

I really like my bedroom, because it looks really wonderful.
In my bedroom the bed is (9)________ the (10)_________.
There is a (11)_________ on the table and my school bag is (12)_________  the table.
There are three pictures (13)_________ the wall and my teddy is next to the (14)___________ on my bed.  There is a lamp (15)_________ a picture and some flowers.

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  1. Darren says:

    In stage 4 I think there’s a mistake.
    I’ve re-read it about 5 times now and it still doesn’t seem right.

    “(2)_______ are one kitchen,”

    I can’t think of a single word I could put in that blank space to make it right.

    • Hi Darren,

      Thank you for pointing out the mistake. You are right. After the “are” there should be a colon “:”. The sentence should be: “They are: one kitchen …”
      The mistake is corrected …

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