Full list of irregular verbs in English language

This is a complete list of irregular verbs in English language. There are few more verbs considered irregular but they also support -ed termination for past; I haven’t added these verbs to the list. Anyway, this list of irregular verbs in English language should be more than enough for any learner of English. You can also find the file available for download on download page.

Full list of English irregular verbs

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No | Infinitive | Simple Past | Past Participle
1 Abide Abode Abode
2 Arise Arose Arose
3 Awake Awoke Awoke
4 Backbite Backbit Backbitten
5 Backslide Backslid Backslid
6 Be Was/Were Been
7 Bear Bore Born
8 Beat Beat Beaten
9 Become Became Become
10 Befall Befell Befallen
11 Beget Begot Begotten
12 Begin Began Begun
13 Behold Beheld Beheld
14 Bend Bent Bent (bended)
15 Bereave Bereft (bereaved) Bereft (bereaved)
16 Beseech Besought Besought
17 Beset Beset Beset
18 Bespeak Bespoke Bespoken
19 Bestride Bestrode Bestridden
20 Bet Bet Bet
21 Betake Betook Betaken
22 Bethink Bethought Bethought
23 Bid Bade Bidden
24 Bide Bode Bidden
25 Bind Bound Bound
26 Bite Bit Bitten
27 Bleed Bled Bled
28 Blow Blew Blown
29 Breed Bred Bred
30 Bring Brought Brought
31 Broadcast Broadcast Broadcast
32 Browbeat Browbeat Browbeaten
33 Build Built Built
34 Burn Burnt Burnt
35 Burst Burst Burst
36 Buy Bought Bought
37 Cast Cast Cast
38 Choose Chose Chosen
39* (2 meanings) Cleave Clove (cleft/cleaved) Cloven (cleft/cleaved)
40 Cling Clung Clung
41 Clothe Clad / Clothed Clad / Clothed
42 Come Came Come
43 Cost Cost Cost
44 Creep Crept Crept
45 Crow Crew / Crowed Crowed
46 Cut Cut Cut
47 Dare Dared / Durst Dared
48 Deal Dealt Dealt
49 Dig Dug Dug
50 Dive Dove Dived
51 Do Did Done
52 Draw Drew Drawn
53 Drink Drank Drunk
54 Drive Drove Driven
55 Dwell Dwelt Dwelt
56 Eat Ate Eaten
57 Fall Fell Fallen
58 Feed Fed Fed
59 Feel Felt Felt
60 Fight Fought Fought
61 Find Found Found
62 Flee Fled Fled
63 Fling Flung Flung
64 Floodlight Floodlit / Floodlighted Floodlit / Floodlighted
65 Fly Flew Flown
66 Forbear Forbore Forborne
67 Forbid Forbade Forbidden
68 Forecast Forecast Forecast
69 Foresee Foresaw Foreseen
70 Foretell Foretold Foretold
71 Forget Forgot Forgotten
72 Forgive Forgave Forgiven
73 Forsake Forsook Forsaken
74 Forswear Forswore Forsworn
75 Freeze Froze Frozen
76 Gainsay Gainsaid Gainsaid
77 Get Got Got / Gotten
78 Give Gave Given
79 Go Went Gone
80 Grind Ground Ground
81 Grow Grew Grown
82 Hamstring Hamstrung Hamstrung
83 Hang Hung Hung
84 Have Had Had
85 Hear Heard Heard
86 Heave Heaved / Hove Heaved / Hove
87 Hide Hid Hidden
88 Hit Hit Hit
89 Hold Held Held
90 Hurt Hurt Hurt
91 Inlay Inlaid Inlaid
92 Input Input Input
93 Inset Inset Inset
94 Interweave Interwove Interwoven
95 Keep Kept Kept
96 Kneel Knelt Knelt
97 Know Knew Known
98 Lay Laid Laid
99 Lead Led Led
100 Leave Left Left
101 Lend Lent Lent
102 Let Let Let
103 Lie Lay Lain
104 Lose Lost lost
105 Make Made Made
106 Mean Meant Meant
107 Meet Met Met
108 Miscast Miscast Miscast
109 Misdeal Misdealt Misdealt
110 Mishear Misheard Misheard
111 Mis-hit Mis-hit Mis-hit
112 Mislay Mislaid Mislaid
113 Mislead Misled Misled
114 Misread Misread Misread
115 Misspend Misspent Misspent
116 Mistake Mistook Mistaken
117 Outbid Outbid Outbid
118 Outdo Outdid Outdone
119 Outfight Outfought Outfought
120 Outgrow Outgrew Outgrown
121 Output Output Output
122 Outrun Outran Outran
123 Outsell Outsold Outselling
124 Outshine Outshone Outshone
125 Overbid Overbid Overbid
126 Overcome Overcame Overcome
127 Overdo Overdid Overdone
128 Overdraw Overdrew Overdrawn
129 Overeat Overate Overeaten
130 Overfly Overflew Overflown
131 Overhand Overhung Overhung
132 Overhear Overheard Overheard
133 Overlay Overlaid Overlaid
134 Override Overrode Overridden
135 Overrun Overran Overrun
136 Oversee Oversaw Overseen
137 Overshoot Overshot Overshot
138 Oversleep Overslept Overslept
139 Overtake Overtook Overtaken
140 Overthrow Overthrew Overthrown
141 Partake Partook Partaken
142 Pay Paid Paid
143 Prepay Prepaid Prepaid
144 Put Put Put
145 Read Read Read
146 Rebind Rebound Rebound
147 Rebuild Rebuilt Rebuilt
148 Recast Recast Recast
149 Redo Redid Redone
150 Rehear Reheard Reheard
151 Remake Remade Remade
152 Rend Rent Rent
153 Repay Repaid Repaid
154 Rerun Reran Rerun
155 Resell Resold Resold
156 Reset Reset Reset
157 Retake Retook Retaken
158 Retell Retold Retold
159 Rewrite Rewrote Rewritten
160 Rid Rid Rid
161 Ride Rode Ridden
162 Ring Rang Rung
163 Rise Rose Risen
164 Run Ran Run
165 Say Said Said
166 See Saw Seen
167 Seek Sought Sought
168 Sell Sold Sold
169 Shake Shook Shaken
170 Shed Shed Shed
171 Shine Shone Shone
172 Shit Shat Shat
173 Shoe Shod Shod
174 Shoot Shot Shot
175 Show Showed Shown
176 Shrink Shrank Shrunk
177 Shut Shut Shut
178 Sing Sang Sung
179 Sink Sank Sunk
180 Sit Sat Sat
181 Slay Slew Slain
182 Sleep Slept Slept
183 Slide Slid Slid
184 Sling Slung Slung
185 Slink Slunk Slunk
186 Slit Slit Slit
187 Smell Smelt Smelt
188 Smite Smote Smitten
189 Sow Sowed Sown
190 Speak Spoke Spoken
191 Speed Sped Sped
192 Spend Spent Spent
193 Spin Spun Spun
194 Spit Spat Spat
195 Split Split Split
196 Spotlight Spotlit Spotlit
197 Spread Spread Spread
198 Spring Sprang Sprung
199 Stand Stood Stood
200 Steal Stole Stolen
201 Stick Stuck Stuck
202 Sting Stung Stung
203 Stink Stank Stunk
204 Stride Strode Stridden
205 Strike Struck Struck
206 String Strung Strung
207 Strive Strove Striven
208 Sublet Sublet Sublet
209 Swear Swore Sworn
210 Sweep Swept Swept
211 Swim Swam Swum
212 Swing Swung Swung
213 Take Took Taken
214 Teach Taught Taught
215 Tear Tore Torn
216 Tell Told Told
217 Think Thought Thought
218 Throw Threw Thrown
219 Thrust Thrust Thrust
220 Tread Trod Trodden
221 Unbend Unbent Unbent
222 Underbid Underbid Underbid
223 Undercut Undercut Undercut
224 Undergo Underwent Undergone
225 Underlie Underlay Underlain
226 Underpay Underpaid Underpaid
227 Undersell Undersold Undersold
228 Understand Understood Understood
229 Undertake Undertook Undertaken
230 Underwrite Underwrote Underwritten
231 Undo Undid Undone
232 Unfreeze Unfroze Unfrozen
233 Unsay Unsaid Unsaid
234 Unwind Unwound Unwound
235 Uphold Upheld Upheld
236 Upset Upset Upset
237 Wake Woke Woken
238 Waylay Waylaid Waylaid
239 Wear Wore Worn
240 Weave Wove Woven
241 Weep Wept Wept
242 Wet Wet Wet
243 Win Won Won
244 Wind Wound Wound
245 Withdraw Withdrew Withdrawn
246 Withhold Withheld Withheld
247 Withstand Withstood Withstood
248 Wring Wrung Wrung
249 Write Wrote Written

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  1. Diana Gainer says:

    Great list of irregular verbs! A couple of remarks to add: in the U.S. several of the less common irregular verb forms are obsolete now, found only in older written works (bereft from bereave, cleft from cleave, crew from crow, durst from dare, hove from heave, smelt from smell). In speech, only the regular past tense is used nowadays for these. The only exceptions I have heard are the occasional use of irregular past tense forms functioning as adjectives, after forms of the verb “to be.”

    Two minor mistakes: #123 now reads outsell / outsold / outselling (should be “outsold” as -ing is the present participle, not past); #131 now reads overhand (should be “overhang” to match the past forms) / overhung / overhung. In #7 you might note that the past participle is commonly spelled “borne” (you now show only “born”). It may depend on the precise meaning of the verb.

  2. ddn_ro says:

    Thank you for your observations! Typing and looking for my little daughter at the same time lead to mistakes. For some verbs, both irregular form and -ed form are considered standard English by some publications. I agree, some past participle forms are only used in written form.

  3. Dennis says:

    what about plead/pled?

    • ddn_ro says:

      Because you can use “pleaded” instead of “pled” I decided to leave it out. To be honest I think “pled” is not correct (maybe I should say that it is not used anymore.

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