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Here you have a list of 67 schools (English centers) that usually hire English teacher. The list is written in Vietnamese but it can be translated using Google translation. Anyway, as long you have the phone number and the address you should be able to contact the school. Sometimes a school replace another school (or the school has changed the name and the phone number) but the address is the same. If you call and nobody answer you should go there and check out. If somewhere is a school then probably in the same area are many others. Here you have the list. Good luck! <List of 67 schools (861)>

A full list on irregular verbs in English language can be downloaded here.
Full list of irregular verbs in English language (296)

Spelling Rules and Irregular Nouns in English language can be downloaded here in Microsoft Word format.spelling_rules_and_irregular_nouns_english (239)


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    Your files are so useful. Hope to see you someday !
    By the way, do you have any English club ? If yes, please let me now the schedule and place.
    Thank so much.

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