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Comparative adjectives, comparative adverbs and Superlatives

Audio version: Comparative adjectives, Comparative adverbs, and Superlatives | Podcast.

Comparative adjectives
Comparative adjectives are words used to compare people and things.
Ex: I am taller than my wife.

Comparative adverbs
For comparing actions we use comparative adverbs.
Ex: My wife rides the bike more slowly than me.

You can also use (not) as + (adjective/adverb) + as
Ex: My daughter isn’t as tall as my wife.

Adjective Comparative How to form comparatives
Short Shorter For one syllable adjective just add -er
Big Bigger If the adjective finishes in one vowel + one consonant then form the comparative form by doubling the final consonant and adding -er
Busy Busier If the adjective finishes in consonant + y then form the comparative form by replacing y with i and adding -er
Relaxed More relaxed For two or more syllables form the comparative adjective by adding more before adjective
Good Better Irregular adjectives
Bad Worst
Far Farther/further


Adverb Comparative Adverb Comparative
Regular Irregular
Quickly More quickly Hard Harder
Slowly Less slowly Well Better
Badly worse


Use “the + superlative adjectives” to say which is the biggest etc in a group.
Ex: It’s the fastest motorbike in Vietnam.
Superlatives are often use with present perfect
Ex: Vietnam is the hottest country I have ever been.

Review table

Adjective Comparative Superlative
Cold Colder The coldest
Hot Hotter The hottest
Pretty Prettier The prettiest
Beautiful More beautiful The most beautiful
Good Better The best
Bad Worse The worst
Far Further The furthest

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