Comparative adjectives, comparative adverbs and Superlatives

Comparative adjectives
Comparative adjectives are words used to compare people and things.
Ex: I am taller than my wife.

Comparative adverbs
For comparing actions we use comparative adverbs.
Ex: My wife rides the bike more slowly than me.

You can also use (not) as + (adjective/adverb) + as
Ex: My daughter isn’t as tall as my wife.

AdjectiveComparativeHow to form comparatives
ShortShorterFor one syllable adjective just add -er
BigBiggerIf the adjective finishes in one vowel + one consonant then form the comparative form by doubling the final consonant and adding -er
BusyBusierIf the adjective finishes in consonant + y then form the comparative form by replacing y with i and adding -er
RelaxedMore relaxedFor two or more syllables form the comparative adjective by adding more before adjective
GoodBetterIrregular adjectives


QuicklyMore quicklyHardHarder
SlowlyLess slowlyWellBetter


Use the + superlative adjectives to say which is the biggest etc in a group.
Ex: It’s the fastest motorbike in Vietnam.
Superlatives are often use with present perfect
Ex: Vietnam is the hottest country I have ever been.

Review table

ColdColderThe coldest
HotHotterThe hottest
PrettyPrettierThe prettiest
BeautifulMore beautifulThe most beautiful
GoodBetterThe best
BadWorseThe worst
FarFurtherThe furthest

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