• November 27, 2014

The accentual function of intonation

The term “accentual” refers to stress. In other words, the placement of stress is determined by intonation. It is said that word stress is independent of intonation and intonation is carried by the stress syllables of a tone-unit. So, what is the deal with the accentual function of intonation and the placing of stress? [read the full article …]

  • November 20, 2014

The attitudinal function of intonation

Intonation is used to convey feelings and attitudes. For example, a sentence can be said in different ways, which might be labeled as “angry”, “happy” etc. It is also known that the intonation is different in different languages. For example the intonation of Romanian is different than that of English. Some languages, such as Vietnamese, have totally different intonation than English. [read the full article …]

  • November 13, 2014

Driving license for foreigners in Vietnam

Soon, foreigners will be allowed to use their driving licenses issued in their native countries in Vietnam. At least this is what the deputy director of the Vietnam Road Administration (VRA) Nguyen Van Quyen said in a recent interview with the Vietnam News Agency. [read the full article …]

  • November 7, 2014

How to get a motorbike driving license in Vietnam


Do you need a Vietnamese motorbike driving license? If yes, then listen to this podcast episode.

The written version of this audio podcast can be seen at

One of the companies that can get a Vietnamese driving license for you can be found at http://eslvietnamzone.com/motorbike-driving-licence-vietnam/

You can watch the video version of this podcast episode on
ESL Vietnam Zone YouTube channel.

  • November 6, 2014

Complex sentences, clauses, and connecting words in English language


A written version of this podcast can be found at Complex Sentences in English Language.

Complex sentences are sentences that are made of at least two clauses joined by a connecting word. In this podcast episode different kinds of complex sentences are presented. Examples of all types of clauses and connecting words used to join the clauses are also presented.

  • November 4, 2014

Comparative adjectives, comparative adverbs, and superlatives


This podcast episode is all about comparative adjectives, comparative adverbs, and superlatives. It explains how these comparatives and superlatives are formed and of course examples are provided.

A written version of this podcast episode can be read at http://eslvietnamzone.com/comparative-adjectives-comparative-adverbs-superlatives/

  • November 1, 2014

Functions of intonations

Have you ever tried to speak without intonation? I have tried and it sounds terrible. There is little to no difference between one speaking without intonation (every syllable at the same level pitch, no pauses in speech, no change in loudness and speed) and the mechanical machine that puts pre-recorded isolated words together to make sentences.

Soon after you try that you realize how important intonation is. Intonation makes it easier for listener to understand what a speaker is trying to convey. The ways in which intonation does this is very complex and isolating different functions of intonation is a very difficult task. Here are the most important functions of intonation: [read the full article …]

  • October 31, 2014

ESL Teachers in Vietnam – Cost of living


In this episode Dan is talking about how much a teacher spends in order to live in Vietnam. The written version of this episode can be found following the links below:

ESL Teachers in Vietnam – Cost of living – Part 1
ESL Teachers in Vietnam – Cost of living – Part 2

The video version can be watched on YouTube following the link below:

ESL Teachers in Vietnam – Cost of living – YouTube video

  • October 30, 2014

Commands and exclamations in English language


A brief view on exclamations and commands in English language and how to use them with examples. A written version of this podcast episode can be found at http://eslvietnamzone.com/commands-exclamations-english-language/

  • October 30, 2014

Articles in English language


In this episode Dan explains how articles are used in English language. Examples are provided. The written version of this podcast can be found at http://eslvietnamzone.com/articles-english-vietnamese/