Speaking English Course by ESL Vietnam Zone

    Note: This course is designed for Vietnamese learners of English who live in Ho Chi Minh City

    Class size: max. 6 students
    Starting date: June 1st, September 1st, December 1st, March 1st

    1. Online: http://eslvietnamzone.com
    2. Onsite: District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


      General English course by ESL Vietnam Zone


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        Ao Dai Museum, Saigon

        For those who don’t know, ao dai is the name given to Vietnamese national costume, and yes, there is a private museum in Saigon dedicated to ao dai. I had opportunity to visit this place, located about one hour by taxi from the city center and I was really impressed.

        The museum’s collection contains ao dai costumes from the 17th to 21st century and an impressive collection of traditional Vietnamese hats.

        Ao Dai Museum (more…)

          Tips on learning English – Tip 11 – Watch the same video many times

          Everybody knows the importance of listening in learning English. There is nothing better than understanding spoken English since you can find whatever information you need in English language. Unfortunately, listening seems to be the most difficult part of learning English but it can be easy if you know how to do it. (more…)

            Assimilation across morpheme boundaries and within the morpheme

            Effects of assimilation are observable across morpheme boundaries and within the morpheme. Sometimes, in the case of assimilation within the morpheme, it seems that the assimilation is quite different from the word-boundary examples.

            The most obvious examples, can be seen in a syllable-final consonant cluster when a nasal consonant precedes a fricative or a plosive in the same morpheme. In this case the place of articulation of the nasal is always determined of the place of articulation of the other consonant. (more…)

              Visiting Tuyen Lam lake and its trench near Dalat

              It has been over a year since I visited Dalat last time and to be honest I missed it, I missed the cool weather and some of my friends who live there. But, this summer vacation I had opportunity to visit it again and although I hate travelling by bus for 8 hours, I am not sorry at all. Why? Because I visited a wonderful place. I am not talking about Dalat city itself, but about Tuyen Lam lake. (more…)

                Assimilation of voice

                Assimilation of voice, unlike the other two kinds of assimilation, is found only in limited ways. Only regressive assimilation of voice is found across word boundaries and since it is important for learners of English we are going to take a brief look at it. (more…)

                  Assimilation of manner

                  Assimilation of manner, compared with assimilation of place, is much less noticeable. It can be found in the most rapid and casual speech and the change in manner is towards a consonant that makes less obstruction to the air flow, called easier consonant. (more…)

                    Assimilation of place

                    Assimilation of place is very clearly observable in the cases where the final consonant with alveolar place of articulation is followed by an initial consonant with a place of articulation that is not alveolar. The best example that comes to my mind is the word that /ðæt/. (more…)

                      The usage of “get” in English language

                      Is there anything worst in English than learning all various meaning and usage of a single word. For me, as a learner of English, there is nothing worst than that. The word I am talking about is get. Listen to an English native speaker and you will hear get every five words. Here are the main meanings and usage of the word get … of course, there are many more. (more…)